Our customer

Our customer is the specialist in the field of exploitation and management of public facilities such as swimming pools, ice rinks, sports halls and multifunctional sports and well-being centers, as well as private facilities such as fitness centers and indoor play paradises.

  • 350 facilities in 2 countries
  • 17 million visitors per year
  • 2300 employees
  • Annual turnover of 75 miljoen euro

The problem

Recent incidents safety reviews throughout the sector have caused organizations to review and improve their quality assurance and compliance efforts to minimize risks and ensure a pleasant and save environment for visitors.

The board, quality manager, technical services manager and  regional managers need a flexible solutions to ensure that on all locations:

- regular maintenance and inspections are executed,
- risks are assessed evaluated and sufficiently mitigated
- quality is monitored
- Incidents are managed
- organization, processes and tools are in place to facilitate continuous improvement. 

Our solution

Using our InControl platform we have provided:

- A flexible quick to deploy solution for centrally monitoring quality, maintenance and risk management processes on 350 locations using Android tablets

- Scheduled planning  of (recurring) assessments, inspections and tasks.
- Out of the box content for ensuring compliant catering, pool water quality, playground facilities, etc.
- An efficient tool that helps personnel to spend less time on managing daily operations and focus more on customers experience and safety. 
- Continous insight into compliance and quality.

The process

  1. The management of the accomodation ensures that, using our easy to use, web platform, all (recurring) quality and maintance tasks (as specified in the mainteinance plan) are entered into InControl.
  2. Every morning the team that is responsible for daily operations of the accomodations opens their daily to-do list and starts executing their tasks by going to the facilities/objects they need to check.
  3. When they arrive at the location they scan a QR-code with their tablet and automatically all relevant information is displayed (work instructions, log, checklist, etc. ).
  4. They start their work and as soon as they are finished they log out by scanning the qr code again. 

When unwanted or dangerous situations are discovered or tasks are not executed timely the right people are notified automatically. All data is analyzed by quality management.

Plan Do Check Act

InControl of quality and compliance