Are you inControl your business in the field?

Easiliy manage processes, projects and quality in the field. 

Every day your engineers, cleaners, construction worker  go onsite and do their job. They maintain expensive, vital equipment and facilities needed to support your core business. Sometimes they go on a regular interval (planned) and sometimes they go 'not so planned' (incidents/outages).

We want to help you to improve these processes and make them more safe, predictable, efficient and transparent.


We want to help you to transit from paper processes to automated processes, from convertion to structuring data at the source,  from work that is executed (preventatively) on regular intervals to work that is only carried out when it is really necessary. We want less solving and more prevention. But we want it at the right time and the right cost!

Don't follow out of the box processes! 

We do not believe that 'a system' should dictate your processes but strongly believe that a system should be flexible. It should be easy for teams and users to adapt it to their processes and improve without requiring much expensive development and big projects. As long as the input output and timing is clear.  Microservice driven front end.

Agile and InControl

We believe in providing onsite teams with tools that they can sutomize themselves. Tools that they can use to make their work easier and more efficient while still allowing for central governance and compliance.  In software development this already happens, Agile teams everywhere.  


Together with your team and our flexible solution we create a (ok, maybe slightly improved) digital and mobile solution to support  your teams current process. Now it is available anywhere both online and offline. It is easy to create so we don't need to worry about the long term yet.  If you want, you can imediately take advantages of the facilities our platform has to offer. This is already a huge step and it wil help you and your teams to efficiently gather (more) digital structured information. Reporting and analysis will become very easy and the insight you'll get will definately improve compliance, predictability and quality of your process.


We believe in a step by step approach. A solution should be flexible enough to adapt and support the evolution of an organization even taking into account differences in maturity levels within organization. A good solution should be able easy to adapt and support technological evolutions.  Integration is key!

Our platform easily integrates with your existing architecture and is able to send the information anywhere. This way teams can teams can create their own front end and developers can ensure that the data ends up in the right systems at the right time. 


Given the right support teams can  continuously improve their processes while your IT deparment ensures that it in line with backend processes. Trying something new? It doesn't require big investmenst and much development capacity anymore. Testing and experimenting becomes very easy. 


Finally we help you to automate. Can we gather information automatically from the source instead of entering it manually? As we use mobile devices we are much less dependant on infrastructure. Is it worth the investment now or do we wait for it to become less expensive? Step by step we integrate and help make your processes more automated and efficient by developing integrations with industry protocols and the "Things" of Internet.  

InControl of operational risks!

Efficiently, asses, treat and monitor operational risks

Risk Assessment

Go onsite together with process owners and (internal) experts and use InControl to identify hazards. Evaluate existing controls and if you can, imediately asses impact and probability/residual risk.  Any new controls needed? Easily asign an owner and monitor follow up.

Risk treatment

Use inControl to easily create new measures and help control owners to continuously monitor whether the measures are adhered to. 

Monitor and analyse

By using InControl you have al the right information in one place. You do not only have continuous insight into operational  risks, it will make your audits much easier.

InControl makes your Plan Do Check Act cycle much more efficient and effective. 


Do you spend much time following up?

InControl makes tracking of processes easy.

Do you know why did someone not follow up? Did they forget? No time? A mistake?  By easily combining your custom screens mobile devices and workflow capabilities you can easily see whether your process was executed and you will be informed when the process was not completed in time. You can convert your anual plan into daily tasks and only need to worry about exceptions.

Combine automaton with human expertise.

Move towards IoT and connected devices and combine them with manual interfaces.

InControl - Move towards full automation, IoTBy bringing together best of both worlds you can move step by step from paper driven to a manual Information and Data capure and finally an automated organization.

Your people can focus on things people are good at - things that need human judgement- other things can be done by computers.

InControl helps you to move you along the path and helps you in finding the perfect balance.

Independant integration

Insert data directly into (multiple) backend systems

InConbtrol - Automatically Identicication using barcodes, qrcodes and rfid.

Can you imagine adding a new customer that is instantly added to your Enterprise Resource Planning System, your Customer Relation Management System, your Project Management System,...?

Use inControl to create your own front end and the use API’s, web-hooks and other integrations to send the information across your infrastructure.

Strategic and data driven inControl


  • Establish widespread process commitment by making following processes easier. 

  • Be in control by monitoring and detecting process failure and quality issues.

  • Store data, analyze, create reports and make quality data driven decisions and predictions.

  • Use (external) integrations and the advanced features of your mobile device to be more efficient.

  • Ensure compliance and decrease operational risks by using your mobile device to capture evidence, assess impact and probability

  • Full mobile support of your Plan Do Check Act cycle.

  • Connect one mobile front end to multple solutions in your infrastructure.

Data driven notifications

Ensure that the right people are aware of the right data at the right time.

Let's say there any exceptional measurements during a daily check? Would it not be great if your technical engineer would automatically receive a notification to go onsite imediately and start investigating? He finds the problem and uses InControl to register what he has fixed.

Make better strategic decisions

Improve the foundation of your decisions - data!

By using InControl it is much easier to gather data from anywhere and to easily convert it into the information you need to make the right decisions. Hook inControl into your existing BI solution or even just use Excel but InControl ensures that you have the right data available at the time you need it.